Hola Giant Frequently asked Questions

You can contact your distributor or MTN call centre. Data is loaded on 23rd of the month. 1st month will be pro rata allocation and balance in final month.

For 1st 90 days, carry over is allowed. Thereafter, the monthly 1GB must be used in the next 45 days.

The recurring 1GB falls away after the period. We will aim to offer another sweet deal to the subscriber before period ends.

If card has not been used for a 90 day period, it is terminated.

Initially not, but the intent is to eventually port numbers.

F.A.Q. General

We understand telecoms, markets and product development. Our team of experts and A-grade MBA students meticulously look at products and opportunities.

We are a low cost, high impact business. We do not have big branches and thousands of employees in our midst.

Yes, every week we look at up to 3 proposals. You are welcome to submit a one page proposal to theman@byodprint.co.za for consideration by our team.

NO, we are not a bank. We are experts in marketing and distribution and our team focuses on that alone.

Yes we look at targeted, qualified opportunities. NO, we do not pay consulting fees for such, but will share revenue on success.

Yes, you are welcome to discuss this with your local distributor. They are all seasoned business people with great experience. They are also ETHICAL people and have been vetted as such.

We do not recruit. Our distributors and partners recommend people to join the team based on demonstrated value.

Please direct them to theman@byodprint.co.za